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Saildrone designs and manufactures wind and solar powered autonomous surface vehicles called Saildrones, which make cost-effective ocean data collection possible at scale. We are building the world's largest high resolution ocean datasets, working with governments and private companies around the globe. We believe that better inputs in planetary models in turn yield better outputs and that the new insights gained in weather forecasting, carbon cycling, global fishing and climate change will have tremendous impact on humanity.

Saildrone's patented wing technology was born from 10 years of R&D in pursuit of the land speed record. The company is headquartered in Alameda, California and is backed by Horizons Ventures, Social Capital, Lux Capital, The Capricorn Investment Group, Exor Seeds and The Schmidt Family Foundation.


Saildrone is a provider of high resolution ocean data collected by a fleet of unmanned surface vehicles ( “USVs” or “Saildrones”), which is streamed in real-time back to shore. The world's oceans are experiencing significant change, which are having a profound impact on ecosystems, marine life and short & long term weather patterns. Furthermore, the areas where some of the biggest changes are occurring are also some of the least measured and understood. This is largely due to their remote location and/or harsh environment, where the cost of deploying sensors via traditional ship-based methods is very high. In response to these factors, new technologies are required to supplement ships and mooring data to meet the demand for longer, more economical deployments with the ability for real-time data, adaptive sampling and shore-based assessment. Our company’s saildrones were designed to meet this need -- providing the ability to reach almost any part of the world's oceans, without requiring a ship. Deployed from a dock, the unmanned saildrones navigate autonomously to the area of interest, where they operate for extended periods in open seas, before returning to shore for servicing and subsequent re-deployment. A sophisticated suite of on- board science sensors collects climate-quality data cheaper and faster than conventional technologies like ships and buoys.


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