Data capture capabilities

a comprehensive  sensor package FOR CLIMATE-GRADE QUALITY DATA

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Sensor suite

Every Saildrone carries a comprehensive  suite of science-grade instruments, each carefully selected in association with PMEL / NOAA. The sensors were chosen to cover a wide variety of science mission, focussing on air / sea interactions, surface fluxes, carbon measurements and bio-mass studies.

While most missions do not require all sensors, it is possible to run all sensors simultaneously.

Deployed from a dock, Saildrones transit  to the study area autonomously, averaging 3-5 knots. After the active mission, they return to shore for servicing, without needing any ship time.

Missions can last  6 - 12 months, with all data streamed live via satellite and accessible via Saildrone's API.


In addition to the standard sensor suite, we have a payload bay capable of carrying an additional 250 lbs.

Other applications for the Saildrone platform include using it as a deployment vehicle for other technologies such as ARGO floats.

Saildrone sensor suite specifications